It`s all a dream

SOLO SHOW with Eunice Martins at Passage / das Esszimmer, Raum für Kunst, Bonn D, 11.12.2021 – 31.12.2021

curated by Sibylle Feucht

It`all a dream

Single channel backprojected installation with sound

Image or picture….

those structures in time.
 Structure(s) which are given visibility or apprehension, or form, in time.
 A time which is moving – an image which is moving – a moving image.
 And this morphing might give one pause to consider:

Which image (flow) shall one step into?
This image or that image?

This filmic touch, or that painterly duration?

This time or, (yes) this time?
 This dream, or this dream?
In a dream, when and where does one become aware, that an image (a slew of images) is making itself felt, present, recognizable? When does a dream start? Where does this image/sound or image/silence, start?
Why ask 'when and where'? If at all answerable – or if it can actually be asked at the time the image(s) arise – then this orientation would allow one to consider the proposition : 'Was ist wenn man ein Bild betreten könnte? ' And what of the 'where'? Where, might this image/sound, image/silence start, occur or be sensed?
And like in a dream, shifting senses of the 'when' and the 'where' keep oscillating. There is a flickering (in time?) which takes the dreamer in and out of movement and nothingness – oscillating like a filmic, or cinematic touch.
And looking (listening) in these ways – could be its own dreaming…..a kind of dreaming of….
It's all a dream. In this act of sensing, one might begin to ask – not which image shall one step into but – which dreamed and dreaming images shall one attempt to be attentive to?
 From which images might one remember to move across, into a dreaming of It's all a dream

© Mark Themann