Natura Morte

Single channel projected installation

2021, Video HD colour, Sound
Dur: Loop 12 min.

Music: Katharina Klement

Video, Drawings: Doris Schmid

The tradition of the genre natura morta (still life), a representation or arrangement of motionless objects, goes back to antiquity. The objects are representative of philosophical interpretations of the visible world with reference to its transience.
In this work, the media of image and sound are brought together within this concept.

It is based on the exploration of a selected space under specific conditions. Space is understood here as a multi-layered link between a geographical location and a defined mental state.
The visual starting point is a photograph of a landscape. Gradually, parts of the landscape begin to move. On the lake, glisten in slow-motion, while the leaves of the trees move in time laps in the wind. The movements of the individual parts of the picture take place in independent rhythms. The perception of a uniformly running time is suspended, several «local times» model the image.
In music, we work with a limited contingent of sounds. Through transformations, their relations are constantly shifted. Size ratios, also foreground and background change, speeds are accelerated or slowed to a standstill.
The human being remains visually and acoustically omitted. The absence of people is not only a characteristic of every still life, it also refers to the situation of our current lockdowns due to a pandemic.
We become witnesses to a metamorphosis that oscillates between “real” and “fake”.