zimtblau / sandrot / obsidian und purpurgold

3 radio plays/video

2021, Video HD, sound, projection size approx 160 x 90 cm
Dur: 6 min.
Music, voice: Eunice Martins
Images: Doris Schmid

Anja opens a radio play account on instagram. Anja is the program. Anja is the radio. I am radio: radio Anja. Nobody knows her. She is shadow, fiction, construct. only the followers' contributions are broadcast. Anja talks about oases, strolling, daydreams, idleness, muses and goddesses of art.

with the project radio Anja, blablabor (https://www.blablabor.ch) combines the two media of radio and instagram and creates a network of artists who work with radio and sound. with each contribution, the figure Anja condenses.