nuit espace

2023, Live Act / 40 min.

Video, prepared piano, electronics, Cyanotypes

Music, piano, voice: Eunice Martins

Lyrics: Alejandra Pizarnik (Buenos Aires, 1932–1972) and Claude de Burine (Paris, 1931–2005)

The setting is the night as a gateway for imagination and transformation. The night conceals and reveals, the unreal is revealed in the darkness, Secrets of existence are revealed in new ways. Sleep, dreams, insomnia and night-time wandering, as the space of a second life, as a moment of heightened senses, heightened sensuality. Everything that is beyond the boundary of rationality. Strolling at night in the moonlight, exposing the world to doubt until nothing can be certain any more.

nuit espace has a special aesthetic: it consists of blue cyanotypes, handmade unique pieces based on photographs. They show nocturnal ambivalences, the secret and the uncanny, transformations and also traces of the Other, of light.

They encounter the sound of the body of a piano, its interior, the prepared strings and electronic playback.


Foto: Andy Rumball