2-channel projected installation with sound, 4 semit-transparent screens, projections on wall, projection size approx. 800×600 cm

Dur: Loop 5 min. 25 sec.
Music: Thomas Peter
Screenplay: Michael Stiller
Actors: Elfriede Hauder, Birgit C. Krammer, Hermann Seiwald, Wolfgang Hametner, Christian Nothegger
Camera: Philipp Krebs

Memories and how they are perceived differently form the subject of these tableaux.
The starting point is a photograph. It shows a staged table party, three men and two women in a lush garden, in the historical ambience of the Palais Rasumofsky in Vienna at a festively set table.
Gradually the setting frees itself from the corset of its frozen state: The company, one by one, breaks free from its torpor and brings the photograph to new life. The photograph becomes a moving image. The memory thus revived can be viewed on several projection screens hanging in the room, each view showing different perceptions of the past.
The weather plays a role superior to the image, dictating what happens via soundtrack. As the installation progresses, the memory loses focus and ends in a surprising conclusion.